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The Profe Podcast: the mis-education of adrián aragonés originates from contemplations and reflections of my past, present, and future with regards to identity. Born in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, raised in Chicago, Illinois, USA – I will forever have one foot in the U.S. and the other en Mexico. At the same time, my heart and mind move seamlessly back and forth across the borders without restrictions or giving a damn.

My father use to say that education of the masses begins with education of the self. My mother reminds me that we are not always where we want to be but where we are needed most. As usual – they are right. So, let’s have at it!


The Profe Podcast: the mis-education of adrián aragonés is a space where conversations engage anything and everything related to Mexicans, Mexican Americans, Chicanas and Chicanos within the context of American history. Nevertheless, pláticas/conversations will consider different communities and related perspectives and perceptions too.

As pláticas engage a variety of materials, ideas, communities, cultures, and such – the goal here is not to adhere to established norms and socially constructed precepts that impede histories, silences voices, or creates and perpetuates falsehoods.

Trying to understand something or someone does not mean we accept or support that which draws our attention. Instead, understanding is an opportunity to discern things for ourselves to create strengthen awareness about the world around us – as well as world within ourselves.


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